99 Lives in Contra IV - Konami Code

So you may remember how I tricked you a few days back to make you think the Konami Code worked in the new Contra IV. It was for your own good you know, that's what trainers are for, to make you stronger. Well it turns out there is a way to actually use that code in Contra IV and get a similar result to the Konami Code in the original. It may be a little bit trickier to pull off but it is pretty simple once you complete it once. Below you will see the steps to getting 99 lives (even better than the 30 you got in Contra) and most likely never having to waste a continue in Contra IV again.

  1. On Stage 1 get to the middle boss (the one up top on the rail) and die a few times until you use a continue.

  2. You will then restart in the middle of the stage just before the middle boss.

  3. Perform the Konami Code. (Start ( Up - Up - Down - Down - Left - Right - Left - Right - B - A) Start )

  4. Kill the middle boss (P.S. you can get in the gun after you kill it).

  5. Get to the stage boss (the one with the single red eye and single sniper).

  6. Kill the sniper on top.

  7. Shoot the red center 49 times with your pea shooter.

  8. Die until your life counter shows 00 life.

  9. Standing in front of the red center eye shoot and press start immediately after (you will pause with the bullet in the air headed towards the Red Eye).

  10. Perform the Konami Code for the second time.

  11. You should then see your life meter showing 99 lives

Essentially what this does is kill you with the Konami Code while your bullet is paused in the air. So you effectively die at the same time there is a new animation loading the second stage of the boss. So your live meter gets jumbled and rather than ending the game it resets your life meter to the next option, 99 lives. If you need help by watching something, below you will see the video demonstration.