Leon S. Kennedy in Smash Brothers???

After yesterday's announcement about Olimar in Smash Brothers it is quite apparent there are a few secrets left in Sakurai's magic bag. According to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) Leon S. Kennedy of the Resident Evil series will be voiced in the new Smash Brothers game. This doesn't really mean anything since nothing has been announced but it is certainly interesting. I would have to think, were this information true, then Leon would have to be a playable character. If he was merely an Assist Trophy or side character then he would most likely not need a voice for the game. So he must be a playable character.

Leon may seem out of place in a game that is compiled of mostly cartoony sort of characters but the way the series has been going Leon really makes sense. Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid series has already been announced as a playable character and he is a very real-to-life character. Capcom, the makers of Resident Evil, also currently have no character represented in Smash. Sega has Sonic, Konami has Solid Snake, and Nintendo has, well, Nintendo has everyone else. So why not allow a company such as Capcom to release a major player in Smash. It may give them some incentive to support the Wii a little more with some other games, here's looking at you Bionic Commando (please help it happen readers), if they got a character in Brawl. It also leads me to wonder if Square-Enix or Ubisoft has anyone in the game. I sure hope so. On second thought, I just hope this rumor is true first, then I'll worry about Square and Ubi.