Wii Music Details Emerge

In the great and wonderful world of video games there seems to always be some new info out there to gather up and spread to the world. And with the quickness of the internet, info gets spread pretty quickly. As many of you know, Mr. Miyamoto never has more than about two games he is strictly working on at a time. He oversees about 50 at any given time but he is never fully committed to more than two or three. Now that Super Mario Galaxy and WiiFit are finished or out the door in all major regions, it is time for him and his team to move on and commit more time on their next project: Wii Music.

Ever since the initial unveiling and announcement of this game at E3 of '06 there hasn't been a whole lot of info released. If you read the impressions from E3 back then you would know the game was very simple and shallow. It was more of a demo than a full fledged game with only a conductor mode and a very simple drum session. Wii Music was not playable for the average schmoe who attended E3 that year most likely because the game was so early. Well today, some new info has emerged on the game and it seems to have a little more depth.

According to a neogafer there are a few new details for us to ponder over until a few months from now when more details are revealed to us at this year's E3.

  • Wii Music's gameplay is based around smaller "play sessions."

  • You will have over 40 different parts (such as Folk Guitars, Base Guitars, Trumpets, Maracass, Marimbas, etc) each with different controls. You can also be the conductor.

  • You can play up to 6 parts together. Up to 4 parts can be played by humans while the others will be played by the CPU.

  • Expected release date is sometime in 2008.

One example that was given is how you will play the guitar. You will hold the Wiimote in your left hand and the nunchuk in the right. You will then essentially play notes with buttons on the Wiimote and strum using the nunchuk (imagine holding a guitar with the Wiimote being the fret board and the nunchuk being the strumming hand). This may not sound extremely easy compared to Guitar Hero but it will also be a regularly priced game rather than a $90 package. Not only that but the game will have over 40 instruments and parts and not just one intrument. So there's got to be some gems in the there somewhere.

Enjoy the video below for some an old look at the game.